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Jokes page 0, More Sex
Jokes page 1, Sexy
Jokes page 2, OOOPS!
Jokes page 3, State Jokes
 Jokes page 4, EEEK!
Jokes page 5, Sports
Jokes page 6, Young
Jokes page 7, Pranks To Do
Joke page 8, Sounds
Jokes page 9, Computer
Jokes page 10, Dumb Answer
Jokes page 11, Stupid Things
Joke page 12, Politics
Jokes page 13, OH No
Jokes page 14, Animals
Jokes page 15, Dinner Time
Jokes page 16, Heaven/Hell
Jokes page 17, Sneaking Around
Jokes page 18, Blonde Jokes
Jokes page 19, Oh Doo Doo
Jokes page 20, Police
Jokes page 21, Old
Jokes page 22, Dirty
Jokes page 23, hahaha
Jokes page 24, Your Stupid
Jokes page 25, Lawyers
Jokes page 26, Signs
Jokes page 27, Now thats dumb
Jokes page 28, Married
Jokes page 29, Travel
Jokes page 30, Pets
Joke page 31, Gee, Thanks
Joke page 32, Embarrassment
Joke page 33, and more computer
Joke page 34, Gone Fishing
Joke page 35, Even more sex
Joke page 36, Blondes 2
Joke page 37, Animals 2
Joke page 38, The Bar
Joke page 39, Yuck
Joke page 40, Blondes 3
Joke page 41, Money
Joke page 42, School Days
Joke page 43, Whats up?
Joke page 44, Drunk
Joke page 45, Lawyers 2
Joke page 46, Gee thanks, Not again
Joke page 47, How stupid can you be!
Joke page 48, Blondes 4
Joke page 49, Bad Driving
Joke page 50, Lets get more sex
Joke page 51, Interesting Facts

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